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French Market Day

Every day, LAON offers its markets whether in the halls or open air, the other cities AISNE offer to walk from their shelves all year round or only seasonally.
The night markets are places of entertainment and discovery of crafts and regional products, others are waiting for pottery, flowers, books ...
At year end, the Christmas markets open their doors, they will be an opportunity to find unusual gift while enjoying some hot drinks.
On other pages Markets In France are dates Fairs, Feasts , flea market and Lotos that are organized in France.
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02 french market day in Aisne

02320 ANIZY LE CHATEAU friday afternoon
02500 AUBENTON tuesday morning 3rd of the month
02800 BEAUTOR wednesday morning
02300 BLERANCOURT monday morning
02110 BOHAIN VERMANDOIS friday morning http://www.bohainenvermandois.fr/
02450 BOUE saturday morning
02160 BOURG ET COMIN tuesday morning site internet BOURG ET COMIN
02220 BRAINE friday morning site internet braine
02310 CHARLY SUR MARNE thursday 7:00-12:00 site internet charly-sur-marne
02400 CHATEAU-THIERRY Marché couvert tuesday morning
02400 CHATEAU-THIERRY Marché couvert friday morning
02300 CHAUNY tuesday morning site internet chauny
02300 CHAUNY friday morning
02210 COINCY saturday morning
02210 COINCY L´Abbaye sunday morning 2nd d´April to October site internet coincy
02330 CONDE BRIE thursday morning site internet sud aisne
02330 CONDE BRIE Producteurs locaux sunday morning first d´April to October
02380 COUCY LE CHATEAU AUFFRIQUE medieval market 2nd ou 3rd WE April grand marché médiéval sur 2 jours site seigneuriales Coucy-le-chateau-auffrique locate Coucy-le-chateau-auffrique
02600 COYOLLES Christmas Market december Christmas Market Site of the City CouncilCoyolles locate Coyolles
02270 CRECY SUR SERRE monday morning
02560 ETREAUPONT thursday morning
02510 ETREUX thursday morning
02700 FARGNIERS downtown sunday morning
02130 FERE TARDENOIS wednesday morning
02670 FOLEMBREAY tuesday morning
02230 FRESNOY LE GRAND monday morning site internet fresnoy le grand
02190 GUIGNICOURT à la Rotonde, Esplanade Jean THOURAUD friday morning Si férié lethursday site internet guignicourt
02500 HIRSON downtown monday morning
02500 HIRSON Place de la République thursday morning
02260 LA CAPELLE wednesday morning
02800 LA FERE saturday morning site internet la fere
02460 LA FETE MILON friday morning
02000 LAON Place E. Herriot tuesday morning site internet laon
02000 LAON Quartier Champagne tuesday afternoon
02000 LAON Place du Marché aux Herbes wednesday morning
02000 LAON Place Victor Hugo thursday morning
02000 LAON Quartier Champagne saturday afternoon
02000 LAON Place du Marché aux Herbes saturday morning
02000 LAON cloître de l´abbaye Saint-Martin friday morning marché des produits du terroir 30
02170 LE NOUVION THIERACHE tuesday morning site internet le nouvion
02350 LIESSE NOTRE DAME place de l´Hôtel de Ville thursday afternoon Site of the City CouncilLiesse-notre-dame locate Liesse-notre-dame
02250 MARIE friday morning
02250 MARIE FRANC tuesday morning 2nd of the month
02810 MARIGNY ORXOIS Producteurs locaux sunday morning Dernier de March à December site internet otsi chateau-thierry
02120 MARLY GAUMONT tuesday morning
02340 MONTCORNET saturday morning first of the month et 25 November
02110 Montbrehain Flower Market May Flower Market Site of the City CouncilMontbrehain locate Montbrehain
02610 MOY DE L´AISNE monday morning site internet moy
02310 NOGENT L´ARTAUD sunday morning site internet communaute-charly sur marne
02550 ORIGNY THIERACHE saturday afternoon
02140 PLOMION tuesday morning first of the month
02240 RIBEMONT Place Tiefaine friday morning site internet Mairie ribemont
02120 SAINS RICHAUMONT thursday morning site internet sains-richaumont
02330 SAINT EUGENE Producteurs locaux sunday morning 2nd d´April to October
02410 SAINT GOBAIN sunday morning
02100 SAINT QUENTIN downtown wednesday 7:00-12:30 site de la ville de Saint Quentin
02100 SAINT QUENTIN Remicourt Avenue de la Paix thursday 5h00-12:30
02100 SAINT QUENTIN Avenue Pierre Choquart thursday 5h00-12:30
02100 SAINT QUENTIN ZUP Avenue Schumann friday 8:00-12:30
02100 SAINT QUENTIN downtown saturday 7:00-12:30
02100 SAINT QUENTIN Faubourg de l´Isle Boulevard Cordier sunday 8:00-12:30
02150 SISSONNE wednesday morning site de la ville de Sissone
02200 SOISSONS Halles wednesday 8:00-13:00 site de la ville de soissons
02200 SOISSONS Halles saturday 8:00-13:00
02700 TERGNIER thursday morning site de la ville de tergnier locate Tergnier
02140 VERVINS saturday morning site internet ville-vervins
02290 VIC SUR AISNE wednesday morning site internet VIC SUR AISNE
02600 VILLERS-COTTERETS downtown thursday morning Site of the City CouncilVillers-cotterets locate Villers-cotterets
02600 VILLERS-COTTERETS downtown sunday morning Site of the City CouncilVillers-cotterets locate Villers-cotterets


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