12 Aveyron french market

French Market

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French Market Day

Every day, RODEZ offers its markets whether in the halls or open air, the other cities AVEYRON offer to walk from their shelves all year round or only seasonally.
The night markets are places of entertainment and discovery of crafts and regional products, others are waiting for pottery, flowers, books ...
At year end, the Christmas markets open their doors, they will be an opportunity to find unusual gift while enjoying some hot drinks.
On other pages Markets In France are dates Fairs, Feasts , flea market and Lotos that are organized in France.
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12 Aveyron french market

12520 AGUESSAC sunday morning July-August site de la ville d´Aguessac
12120 ARVIEU wednesday 9:00-12:30 July-August site de la ville d´Arvieux
12110 AUBIN place Jean-Jaurès wednesday morning 30 Site of the City CouncilAubin locate Aubin
12110 AUBIN place Jean-Jaurès friday morning 30 Site of the City CouncilAubin locate Aubin
12160 BARAQUEVILLE monday morning Marché aux veaux site de la ville de baraqueville
12160 BARAQUEVILLE sunday morning July-August
12160 BARAQUEVILLE espace Raymond Lacombe sunday 2nd of the month flea market
12370 BELMONT SUR RANCE marché biologique Aire des Rougiers/carrefour Albi-St Affrique-Belmont tuesday 16:00-21:00 marché biologique été Site of the City CouncilBelmont-sur-rance locate Belmont-sur-rance
12340 BOZOULS place de la Mairie thursday 8:00-12:00 30 http://www.bozouls-comtal.com/commune/bozouls/boz_accueil/Mairie_bozouls.php locate Bozouls
12340 BROUSSE LE CHATEAU tuesday morning July-August http://brousselechateau.free.fr//somMayre-general.htm
12360 CAMARES wednesday morning July-August http://www.ccrougierdecamares.com/
12700 CAPDENAC GARE sous la Halle saturday morning 30 Site of the City CouncilCapdenac-gare locate Capdenac-gare
12120 CASSAGNES BEGONHES place de la Mairie friday morning 20 site de la ville de CASSAGNES BEGONHES locate Cassagnes-begonhes
12550 COUPIAC wednesday morning July-August
12110 CRANSAC Place Jean Jaurès saturday 13:00-15h30 15 site de la ville de Cransac
12110 CRANSAC Place Jean Jaurès tuesday 18:00 tous les 15 jours De June à September Marché des producteurs de pays
12300 DECAZEVILLE Place Cabrol tuesday morning 40 http://www.decazeville.fr/les-marches-de-decazeville_141.html locate Decazeville
12300 DECAZEVILLE place decazes friday morning 250 http://www.decazeville.fr/les-marches-de-decazeville_141.html locate Decazeville
12500 ESPALION friday morning http://www.espalion.fr/
12190 ESTAING friday morning July-August http://perso.wanadoo.fr/estaing.12/
12140 ENTRAYGUES TRUYERE Place de la République friday 8:00-12:00 Site of the City CouncilEntraygues-sur-truyère locate Entraygues-sur-truyère
12140 ENTRAYGUES TRUYERE place de la République tuesday 8:00-12:00 15 June-15 sept. 20 Site of the City CouncilEntraygues-sur-truyère locate Entraygues-sur-truyère
12140 ENTRAYGUES TRUYERE Marché; du terroir Place de la République wednesday 18:00-21:00 July-August Site of the City CouncilEntraygues-sur-truyère locate Entraygues-sur-truyère
12140 ENTRAYGUES TRUYERE Place de la République friday 8:00-12:00 Site of the City CouncilEntraygues-sur-truyère locate Entraygues-sur-truyère
12500 ESPALION centre-ville friday morning 90 Site of the City CouncilEspalion locate Espalion
12300 FIRMI place de la République saturday 8:00-11h00 30 http://www.Mairie-firmi.fr/ locate Firmi
12320 GRAND VABRE sunday morning July-August http://www.grand-vabre.fr/
12230 LA COUVERTOIRADE sunday morning http://www.lacouvertoirade.com/
12230 LA COUVERTOIRADE wednesday morning
12270 LA FOUILLADE saturday morning July-August http://www.lafouillade.fr/public/
12210 LAGUIOLE saturday morning http://www.laguiole-online.com/index/
12310 LAISSAC centre-ville tuesday morning 80 Site of the City CouncilLaissac locate Laissac
12350 LANUEJOULS thursday morning first August http://www.lanuejouls.fr/
12450 LUC LA PRIMAUBE place de l´Étoile sunday morning
12330 MARCILLAC VALLON sunday morning http://www.marcillacvallon.fr/
12100 MILLAU wednesday morning 80 Site of the City CouncilMillau locate Millau
12100 MILLAU friday 8:00-12:30 180 Site of the City CouncilMillau locate Millau
12100 MILLAU Place Calvé sunday morning July-August Site of the City CouncilMillau locate Millau
12220 MONTBAZENS tuesday 15:00 Veaux de lait http://www.montbazens.fr/
12220 MONTBAZENS wednesday morning
12720 MOSTUEJOULS saturday morning July-August
12600 MUR DE BARREZ thursday morning http://www.murdebarrez.fr/
12270 NAJAC sunday 9:00-13:00 June à September http://www.najac.info/2010.html
12230 NANT tuesday 8:00-13:00 http://www.nant.fr/
12800 NAUCELLE saturday morning July-August http://www.naucelle.com/lire.php?rub=VILLAGE%20NEWS
12850 ONET LE CHATEAU friday morning http://www.onet-le-chateau.fr/
12290 PONT DE SALARS wednesday from de 17:00 July-August http://www.pontdesalars.fr/
12170 REQUISTA Place du Vatican saturday morning http://www.requista.com/
12240 RIEUPEYROUX sunday morning June à September http://www.rieupeyroux.fr/actualites/indexdate.php?id_agenda=0
12240 RIEUPEYROUX wednesday morning 3rd of the month
12390 RIGNAC tuesday morning http://rignac.fr/decouvrir/rignac-vous-accueille
12000 RODEZ Place du Bourg wednesday 8:00-12:30 60 site de la ville de rodez/
12000 RODEZ Place du Sacré Coeur friday 13:30-18:30 40
12000 RODEZ Place du Bourg/Cité/E Celvé saturday 7:00-12:30 160
12000 RODEZ Avenue Victor-Hugo 29, 30 et 31 October et first November each day marché aux chrysanthèmes 160
12400 SAINT AFFRIQUE Boulevard Victor Hugo saturday morning site ville saint affrique
12460 SAINT AMANS DES COTS thursday morning http://www.saint-amans-des-cots.com/
12500 SAINT COME D´OLT sunday morning July-August http://www.saint-come-dolt.com/
12130 SAINT GENIEZ D´OLT wednesday morning July-August http://Mairie.pagespro-orange.fr/stgeniezdolt/
12130 SAINT GENIEZ D´OLT saturday morning
12230 SAINT JEAN DU BRUEL thursday morning http://www.saintjeandubruel.fr/
12780 SAINT-LÉONS friday from de 18h marché de producteurs de pays in summer
12300 SAINT PARTHEM wednesday nocturnal July-August
12490 SAINT ROME DE TARN tuesday 9:00-12:00 July-August
12380 SAINT SERNIN SUR RANCE thursday morning
12420 SAINTE GENEVIEVE SUR ARGENCE wednesday morning http://www.argencetourisme-aubrac.com/manifestations-argence/foires-et-marches/
12410 SALLE CURAN tuesday à 19:00 July-August http://www.salles-curan.fr/
12410 SALLE CURAN saturday 8:00-13:00 July-August
12800 SAUVETERRE DE ROUERGUE friday Soir July-August http://www.sauveterre.free.fr/
12290 SÉGUR place du champ de foire monday from de 17h July - aout Marché du terroir
12150 SEVERAC LE CHATEAU thursday morning http://www.severac-le-chateau.com/
12330 VALADY saturday morning July-August
12580 VILLECOMTAL wednesday morning July-August http://www.villecomtal.fr/index.php
12430 VILLEFRANCHE DE PANAT sunday morning July-August
12430 VILLEFRANCHE DE PANAT friday morning July-August
12200 VILLEFRANCHE DE ROUERGUE Foirail Madeleine M aux Noix thursday morning October à February http://www.villefranche.com/
12200 VILLEFRANCHE DE ROUERGUE Pl N Dame/ Lescure/Al A Briand thursday morning
12110 VIVIEZ BOURG Place de la Victoire saturday morning http://www.viviez.fr/accueil/index.php?accueil=1
12110 VIVIEZ PONT Place du 8 Mai 45 thursday morning


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