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Every day, CHARLEVILLE MEZIERES offers its markets whether in the halls or open air, the other cities ARDENNES Rethel, Sedan, Vouziers offer to walk from their shelves all year round or only seasonally.
The night markets are places of entertainment and discovery of crafts and regional products, others are waiting for pottery, flowers, books ...

They are generally held in the mornings so be prepared for an early start as they tend to close around midday.

Fresh food markets, including fish, meat, vegetables and cheese, are normally held in the morning from 8am – 12 midday. General markets may still have stalls open in the afternoons, check with the local tourist office.

At year end, the Christmas markets open their doors, they will be an opportunity to find unusual gift while enjoying some hot drinks.

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08 Ardennes french market day

| Listed below are the market days for the Ardennes department |

The events can be deleted, canceled, postponed, please contact the organizers before you move

Annelles Tuesday Morning
weekly market
ASFELD Saturday Morning
weekly market
Attigny Wednesday Morning
weekly market
Aubrives 2nd sunday 9am-1pm
place de la mairie Monthly market
AVAUX 2nd Friday 4pm-8pm
Covered market march december
BALAN Sunday Morning
Organic market
Bergnicourt Tuesday Morning
weekly market
Bertoncourt Tuesday Morning
weekly market
BOGNY SUR MEUSE Monday Morning
Quartier de Braux weekly market
BOGNY SUR MEUSE Wednesday afternoon
Quartier de Château-Regnault weekly market
CARIGNAN Friday Morning
weekly market

Charleville-Mézières Tuesday 8am-2pm
Covered market weekly market
Charleville-Mézières Thursday 8am-2pm
Covered market weekly market
Charleville-Mézières Saturday 8am-5pm
Covered market weekly market
Charleville-Mézières Sunday 8am-1pm
place Lucien Bauchart weekly market
DONCHERY Thursday Morning
Place de la mairie weekly market
DOUZY Friday 4pm
weekly market
FUMAY Wednesday Morning
weekly market
JANDUN 1st friday 3:30pm-8pm
la grange Monthly market
La Cassine 3rd Friday
Farmer market
Les Hautes Rivières Wednesday 7am-1pm
place de l'Hôtel de Ville weekly market
Louvergny Tuesday Morning
Place de la Mairie weekly market
Maubert Fontaine 2nd Friday 3pm-8pm
place de la mairie ou dans la salle polyvalente Farmer market Monthly
Montcy Notre Dame Wednesday Morning
place weekly market
Montcy Notre Dame Saturday 5:30pm
Monthermé Monday afternoon
weekly market
Mouzon 4th Friday
Farmer market
Nouvion sur Meuse Monday Morning
Place des Anciens combattants weekly market
Nouzonville Monday Morning
Place Gambetta weekly market
Osnes Monday Morning
weekly market
Poilcourt Sydney Tuesday Morning
Place Jeanne d'Arc weekly market
Pouru aux Bois Tuesday Morning
Place du Sénéchal weekly market
Remilly Aillicourt Tuesday Morning
Place de la République weekly market
RENWEZ last Friday 3:30pm-8pm
Farmer market
RETHEL Thursday Morning
Place de Caen weekly market
REVIN Tuesday Morning
Downtown weekly market
ROCROI Tuesday 8am-12pm
Place des Armes weekly market
Rumigny Tuesday Morning
Place de l'Eglise weekly market
Rumigny Wednesday Morning
Place de l'Eglise weekly market
SEDAN Wednesday 7:30am-12:30pm
Halle Marcillet weekly market
SEDAN Saturday 7:30am-12:30pm
Halle Marcillet weekly market
Sy Monday Morning
weekly market
TAGNON last Friday 3:30pm-7:30pm
Marché Campagnard Monthly
Terron sur Aisne Tuesday Morning
Place de l'Eglise weekly market
Tournes Saturday Morning
place de la mairie. weekly market
VENDRESSE 3rd Friday 3:30pm-8pm
La Cassine weekly market
VOUZIERS Saturday Morning
Place Carnot weekly market
VRIGNE AUX BOIS Sunday Morning
weekly market