54 french market day in Meurthe Et Moselle Lorraine

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Every day, NANCY offers its markets whether in the halls or open air, the other cities MEURTHE ET MOSELLE Lunéville, Toul, Briey offer to walk from their shelves all year round or only seasonally.
The night markets are places of entertainment and discovery of crafts and regional products, others are waiting for pottery, flowers, books ...

They are generally held in the mornings so be prepared for an early start as they tend to close around midday.

Fresh food markets, including fish, meat, vegetables and cheese, are normally held in the morning from 8am – 12 midday. General markets may still have stalls open in the afternoons, check with the local tourist office.

At year end, the Christmas markets open their doors, they will be an opportunity to find unusual gift while enjoying some hot drinks.
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54 french market day in Meurthe Et Moselle Lorraine

| Listed below are the market days for the MEURTHE ET MOSELLE department |

The events can be deleted, canceled, postponed, please contact the organizers before you move

Azerailles 1st friday monthly
place du Foyer Farmer market
BACCARAT Friday Morning
weekly market
BLENOD LES PONT A MOUSSON Wednesday 8am-12pm
quartier des longues rayes weekly market
BRIEY Wednesday 9am-12pm
weekly market
CIREY SUR VEZOUZE Thursday Morning
pl. Leclerc weekly market
Rue Carnot weekly market
DIEULOUARD Tuesday Morning
pl. 8 mai 1945 weekly market
ESSEY LES NANCY Saturday 07:30am-12:30pm
place de la République weekly market
FROUARD Sunday Morning
pl. Nationale weekly market
HOMECOURT Sunday Morning
avenue de la République weekly market
Houdemont 1st 3rd saturday 9am-12pm
parking de la ronchère Farmer market
JARNY Saturday Morning
pl. Génot weekly market
Jarville la Malgrange
le marche muncipal est provisoirement ferme
JOEUF Friday Morning
place de l'Hotel de Ville weekly market
Laxou Wednesday 9am-12pm
rue pasteur weekly market
LONGUYON Friday Morning
weekly market
LONGWY Thursday 8am-12pm
place Darche weekly market
LONGWY Saturday Morning
place Leclerc weekly market
LUNEVILLE Tuesday 8am-1pm
place Léopold weekly market
LUNEVILLE Thursday 8am-12pm
place Léopold Food market
LUNEVILLE Saturday 8h-16h
place Léopold weekly market

NANCY Everyday 7h-19h
Place Henri Mangin Except Monday et dimanche
NANCY Tuesday 6:30-12:30pm
Place Lionel Pèlerin Marché d'Haussonville
NANCY Thursday 6:30-12:30pm
Place Lionel Pèlerin Marché d'Haussonville
NANCY Friday 14h00-19h30
Place Lionel Pélerin Marché d'Haussonville
NANCY Saturday 6:30-12:30pm
Place Lionel Pélerin Marché d'Haussonville
NANCY Sunday 8am-1pm
avenue Raymond Pinchard marché du Haut du Lièvre
NANCY Sunday 8am-1pm
Quai Saint Georges marché du Port
NEUVES MAISONS Saturday Morning
Rue Jules Ferry weekly market
PAGNY SUR MOSELLE Thursday 8am-12pm
rue de Serre weekly market
PIENNES Thursday Morning
Place Jean Jaurès weekly market
POMPEY Thursday Morning
Place du marché weekly market
PONT A MOUSSON Saturday Morning
place Saint-Antoine weekly market
Rue Folain weekly market
TOMBLAINE Sunday Morning
Avenue d'Hasbergen weekly market
TOUL Wednesday 9am-12pm
place de la République weekly market
TOUL Friday 9am-12pm
place de la République weekly market
TOUL Saturday 9am-1pm
place Pierre Schmidt campagnard
weekly market
VANDOEUVRE LES NANCY Sunday 8:30am-12:30pm
weekly market
VARANGEVILLE Wednesday 6am-1pm
r. Georges Toussaint weekly market
VILLERS-LES-NANCY Wednesday 5pm-9pm
mail Bichaton organic market
VILLERS-LES-NANCY Saturday 8am-1pm
mail Jean Fléchon weekly market
VILLERUPT Tuesday Morning
Place Jeanne d'Arc weekly market
VILLERUPT Friday Morning
Place Jeanne d'Arc weekly market